March Meeting Update

What a clinic!!

We all knew about the transcontinental railroad, but who knew that Utah had such an incredible railroad history in its own right? I didn’t, until this afternoon. Don has a terrific website called Utah Rails that is a “boxcar load” of information on local railroading history.

Thank you, Don, for a terrific clinic!

ALSO: Today the vote was held on approving or rejecting the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Every member in attendance was given a ballot and two members of the Board tallied the votes.

The results were:
APPROVE: 23 votes
REJECT: 1 vote

The proposed Bylaws are APPROVED and become our official Bylaws. They shall be recorded into the Division Record, and the website will be updated to reflect the outcome of today’s vote.


Golden Spike Limited 2014

Convention Logo

June 17th through 22nd, the Division is hosting the Rocky Mountain Region’s annual Convention in Sandy!

You won’t want to miss this. Not only is this a Region Convention we can all actually drive to, the Convention Committee have planned some fantastic events for us to enjoy!

Charlie Getz, yes, that Charlie Getz, will get the ball rolling as our Keynote Speaker, and our Saturday Night Banquet will feature Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Chubb , yes, that Bruce Chubb, as we wrap up one of the most fun weeks of model railroading goodness that we have seen in Northern Utah since our last train show!

Clinics, you say? Yes. There will be clinics!

Operations, you say? Yes. There will be operations!

Convenience, you say? Oh for heaven’s sake! We dragged the Convention all the way from Albuquerque just so you could make it to one in your own lifetime … Sandy’s not that far!!

Everyone is welcome, and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity to enjoy the best of the NMRA while it’s in the same state as us!!

Point your web browser to and read all about it – there’s way more room over there to talk about all the fun stuff – and you can register for the Convention while you’re there!

We’ll see you in June!!!

Railroading Merit Badge Clinic

Geoff Carter, Fred Baney & Jim Wanlass recently helped at a Merit Badge Pow Wow. They passed off 20 scouts who earned the Railroading Merit Badge. Fred & Jim are official Merit Badge Counselors while Geoff brought his timesaver and knowledge about railroading. All three have built their own timesavers, each a little different from the other. Geoff was inspired by Jim’s (as he is seen working on Jim’s in the photo) and Jim had finally built a portable one that folds up after a 12 year “dream” to someday build one. Fred’s is probably twice that old but still works well. Info about Jim’s being built can be found on his website:


Every year at the Wasatch Rails Train Show Railroading Merit Badge Clinics are given on Saturday.

Having a hands-on component to the clinic has really enhanced the enjoyment for the boys. They have lots of fun and gives them a real sense of what fun model railroading can be! If you want to learn how you can be a Merit Badge Counselor or just help out with the clinic let us know. You can email to learn more.

Final Draft of the new Division Bylaws

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee has finished their work on the final draft of the new Division Bylaws, which has been posted to this website on December 30, 2013.

The draft Bylaws will be available for member review until the vote to approve them is taken on March 15th, 2014, at the regular Division meet. Comments may be sent to the Superintendent, made on the Division Yahoo Group, or made on the Division Facebook Page.


The Northern Utah Division is big on Fun, Friendship, and Modeling!!

Our members model the entire spectrum of scale, gauge, era, and subject, and we are sure you will find a local model railroad club that will meet your needs.

Guests are always welcome to “test-drive” one of our member-only events. If you like what you see and want to become part of our railroad modeling community, we can take care of your NMRA membership on the spot!

Check out these activities:

Remember to keep it fun – and model something!!