Successful Convention

It was a GREAT convention with lots to do! Here is one of the clinics with standing room only (there are a few chairs open but filled after taking this picture :-)



Layout tours, Ops sessions, Driving of the Golden Spike reenactment, Clinics, Contest, and more! Look for a full report in the upcoming newsletter!

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is here! The goal going forward is to try to get it out the first week of the month so we can report on last month and let you know what you have to look forward to in the coming month. It and prior months can be found by going to the Newsletter page.

There is a lot of info about the upcoming Rocky Mountain Region Convention. It is next week!!! If you are doing ops sessions look for an email from Jack Chase. There’s still a couple spots left.

There will be clinics abounding and layout tours too. The Keynote speech is by Charlie Getz, NMRA President and the Banquet speech by Dr. Bruce Chubb and his wife Janet giving both views of model railroading in the home. Bruce is the inventor of the Computer/Model Railroad Interface (C/MRI), if you didn’t know. It will be really cool to hear him speak!

May Meeting Update & Newsletter

May Meeting Update

The May Division Meeting ‘s clinic was a slideshow about a lot of local railroad history. Not growing up in this area there is quite a bit I don’t know about local railroad history but have been learning a lot over the years.

There were a lot of slides and it was quite interesting! Here is one I took a picture of. It is the one used for the basis of one of the convention cars. Accurail doesn’t make this exact type but close.


Here is my car that I recently put together.SLURRAnother interesting line we learned more about were the Saltair cars. I haven’t put together my boxcar yet.

The first run of convention cars are nearly sold out; just a couple of each left. If you hurry you might still be able to get one:

OR email Stan at to check if there are any left.

The second set of cars are available here: Club Car. They are going to go fast.


The recent issue of  the Promontory Post was emailed this week. We have moved to an emailed newsletter version that hopefully will take some of the work load off of the newsletter editor. If you haven’t received it check your spam box because it’s coming from a newsletter service and not an individual. If you haven’t gotten it let us know at and let us know your current email address.

There is also a PDF version on the Newsletter page.


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Big Boy 4014 in Salt Lake City

Big Boy 4014 in Salt Lake City

The Big Boy #4014 on it’s historic journey to it’s new home stopped for a visit in Salt Lake City. It was running late on Friday night making some fans wait for hours, but once they saw it, it was worth the wait! Those who have operated on model railroads can appreciate being behind schedule and see first hand some of the reasons why it might be late. :-)

Saturday hundreds of people took pictures up close and personal while 4014 sat patiently waiting for the journey to continue on Sunday to head up to Ogden where it will be on display on Monday. Several wonderful pictures were shared on Facebook and some, like me, have yet to download their shots from the camera. Here is an amazing one by our own Josh McMurrin.

4014 by Josh

Big Boy No. 4014 to Begin Historic Trek to Cheyenne

UP’s Steam Locomotive Tracking webpage

New Division Club Cars Announced

Model Railroader’s website has the announcement that our new Division Special Run Club Cars are ready to order:

Here’s a thumbnail picture of the two cars. Click on the image to be taken to the Club Car page. These, like our previous limited run cars, are just that: LIMITED. Offering historical value of local cars never before produced in HO you will definitely want to get one. Only 48 of each will be offered. Online ordering will be available soon!


March Meeting Update

What a clinic!!

We all knew about the transcontinental railroad, but who knew that Utah had such an incredible railroad history in its own right? I didn’t, until this afternoon. Don has a terrific website called Utah Rails that is a “boxcar load” of information on local railroading history.

Thank you, Don, for a terrific clinic!

ALSO: Today the vote was held on approving or rejecting the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Every member in attendance was given a ballot and two members of the Board tallied the votes.

The results were:
APPROVE: 23 votes
REJECT: 1 vote

The proposed Bylaws are APPROVED and become our official Bylaws. They shall be recorded into the Division Record, and the website will be updated to reflect the outcome of today’s vote.